Friday, December 13, 2013

Launch TODAY!!!! SHRIMP!!

All available now.... just click on the picture, and it will take to the listing on Etsy. (#'s 1 & 2 are sold)
Group shot photo PART_1386883836535_zps299abcb5.jpeg
1 photo 1collage_zps8c71504d.jpg
2-0 photo 2collage_zpse55ad0f1.jpg
3-0 photo 3collage_zps32d7da6b.jpg
4-0 photo 4collage_zps4a912b56.jpg
5 photo 5collage_zps076ccc81.jpg
6-0 photo 6collage_zps0283e9a1.jpg
7 photo 7collage_zps6ba9404e.jpg
8 photo 8collage_zps948bd494.jpg
9-0 photo 9collage_zps8c8e95f8.jpg
10 photo 10collage_zpsb98301e3.jpg
11 photo 11collage_zps5334ce4f.jpg
12 photo 12collage_zpsa2f6a181.jpg
Get 'em before they are gone!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting Ready for Friday the 13th!

Having some fun throwing sawdust around the shop this week. By Friday the paint fumes will have set in and I will be selling a new line of lures. Maybe this will be your lucky Friday the 13th!!!
This handcrafted line will be numbered and signed by me... At 7 pm central time, they will go live in my Etsy shop. Best get over and get a buyers name if you don't already have one!! (click the picture above to get there)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Baits By Scotty is now on ETSY

Just opened up shop over at Etsy! It's a great place to find handmade goods and I felt my lures would fit in well there. Not only that, but I can list each individual lure and all you have to do is click and buy. Last night was awesome with my first run, but a lil hectic when 2 people wanted the same bait!!

Click on the picture above and it'll take you there.
Just remember, Sunday is LAUNCH DAY!! I'll be filling up my shop with a brand spankin' new line of numbered and signed bait!! First come first served!!!
See ya then!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Run, Sinking Twitch Baits!!

All 17 Twitch photo set005_zps39908a12.jpg

UPDATE: SOLD OUT!!! of my first run Twitch Baits!!   Next Launch will be Friday December 13, 2014 @ 7 PM central in my ETSY store.

My first ever market line of lures is now available to purchase on my website!
Take a look at the pictures and hurry on over to my website to order yours now! This run is specially priced at $17.50/each with only 2.50 shipping. Now that's a Scotty Deal!!

#1 Twitch photo 1_zps056e6cf6.jpg
#1 Walnut
 photo 2sold_zpsf4bd2298.jpg
#2 Walnut

 photo 5sold_zps993bc748.jpg
#3 Walnut
 photo 4sold_zpsd51ddc67.jpg
#4 Walnut

 photo 5sold_zps993bc748.jpg
#5 Walnut

 photo 6sold_zpsf9725fdd.jpg
#6 Walnut
 photo 7sold_zps705552a7.jpg
#7 Walnut
 photo 8sold_zps425a5d20.jpg
#8 Walnut
 photo 9sold_zps2abcbd07.jpg
#9 Walnut
 photo 10sold_zpsaa55f2f9.jpg
#10 Walnut
 photo 11sold_zpsfdbb5cfd.jpg
#11 White Oak
 photo 12sold_zps9369520b.jpg
#12 White Oak

 photo 13sold_zps052559e9.jpg
#13 White Oak
14sold photo 14sold_zps66cef6b4.jpg
#14 White Oak
 photo 15sold_zpsb230e867.jpg
#15 White Oak
 photo 16sold_zps9b697bda.jpg
#16 White Oak

17sold photo 17sold_zpsc1ce586a.jpg
#17 Mohagany
 photo 20131208_113126_zpsbb729820.jpg
Here is that shot of the belly weights and the number imprint.
Thanks for swingin' by!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

50 Lb Cedar Plank and a Chainsaw

 photo 1465376_10202622821077803_1921205456_n_zpsacca67f7.jpg

It's always nice to start a story by painting a picture with the supplies.
This pile of 50 lb cedar planks was given to me by a friend. It was just leftovers. Or maybe fate.
I am about to design a lure big enough to mount on your wall... or place next to your fireplace, or hang as a store sign.
I started by drawing a rough shape on the 3 inch thick plank. Dawned my goggles and fired up the chainsaw.


 photo 943009_10202639667018941_52702851_n_zps1bcc2d23.jpg

After getting a little chewed up.... SMH... I got her cut out. Fins will be added later. You'll see.
 photo 579328_10202639939625756_117727465_n_zps0151c074.jpg

 photo 1479394_10202634898419729_1822216690_n_zps090e597b.jpg

 photo 1425740_10202639865303898_1991290389_n_zps77087b2b.jpg

A few coats of clear.... and this 9 lb, 48x14x3 lure is taking shape.
For the fins, I used the scrap and cut and sanded them to perfection.

 photo 1463722_10202652139810753_1404305260_n_zps07a22ff6.jpg

 photo 1394376_10202652140250764_1874505493_n_zpsf19b3495.jpg

 photo fish3_zpscd26f0fb.jpg

 photo 20131201_193418_zps970f4f3f.jpg

 photo 20131201_193414_zps003e4aa8.jpg

 photo 20131201_193409_zps9fbf4d9e.jpg

LOVING THE GRAIN ON THIS WOOD!!!! Even more magnificent in person!!!

 photo 20131201_193343_zps37f380db.jpg

 photo 20131201_193326_zps2dcf2ec3.jpg

 photo 1472750_10202652138050709_1759457599_n_zps19e41f46.jpg

 photo 1466099_10202652136930681_2104918145_n_zpsd9c9ea48.jpg

 photo 1457696_10202652137810703_178738064_n_zpsf8d2e20a.jpg

Next time: The finishing touches!!
 photo fish2_zpsfa4cb85d.jpg