Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Run, Sinking Twitch Baits!!

All 17 Twitch photo set005_zps39908a12.jpg

UPDATE: SOLD OUT!!! of my first run Twitch Baits!!   Next Launch will be Friday December 13, 2014 @ 7 PM central in my ETSY store.

My first ever market line of lures is now available to purchase on my website!
Take a look at the pictures and hurry on over to my website to order yours now! This run is specially priced at $17.50/each with only 2.50 shipping. Now that's a Scotty Deal!!

#1 Twitch photo 1_zps056e6cf6.jpg
#1 Walnut
 photo 2sold_zpsf4bd2298.jpg
#2 Walnut

 photo 5sold_zps993bc748.jpg
#3 Walnut
 photo 4sold_zpsd51ddc67.jpg
#4 Walnut

 photo 5sold_zps993bc748.jpg
#5 Walnut

 photo 6sold_zpsf9725fdd.jpg
#6 Walnut
 photo 7sold_zps705552a7.jpg
#7 Walnut
 photo 8sold_zps425a5d20.jpg
#8 Walnut
 photo 9sold_zps2abcbd07.jpg
#9 Walnut
 photo 10sold_zpsaa55f2f9.jpg
#10 Walnut
 photo 11sold_zpsfdbb5cfd.jpg
#11 White Oak
 photo 12sold_zps9369520b.jpg
#12 White Oak

 photo 13sold_zps052559e9.jpg
#13 White Oak
14sold photo 14sold_zps66cef6b4.jpg
#14 White Oak
 photo 15sold_zpsb230e867.jpg
#15 White Oak
 photo 16sold_zps9b697bda.jpg
#16 White Oak

17sold photo 17sold_zpsc1ce586a.jpg
#17 Mohagany
 photo 20131208_113126_zpsbb729820.jpg
Here is that shot of the belly weights and the number imprint.
Thanks for swingin' by!!

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